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Holy Spirit School is an educational environment where we always seek to put the needs of our children first. Pupils are at the heart of our school community and we are dedicated to the development of the whole person fostering Christian values and promoting the dignity and self-worth of each individual.  

We are very proud of our reputation for having a warm, friendly school where good relationships are central in all that we seek to do. Everyone is important in our school community and we aspire to behave in a way that reflects our school vision of being kind, inclusive, respectful and ready to learn. We strive to create a school culture where a sense of wellbeing and belonging are fostered and one where children’s strengths are celebrated. 

We understand that students thrive at school when they feel happy, confident and secure. Each child’s wellbeing is the first priority in our school community. We work with families to strengthen wellbeing and learning outcomes of all students within a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment. Strategic planning focuses on the development of school-wide practices and cultures that support students to reach their potential in all areas; spiritually, cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially. 


Policies, curriculum design and teaching practices, which align with the Victorian Curriculum and Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, are based on evidence that highlights strong links between safety, wellbeing and learning. Our school has developed policies outlining the importance we place on positive relationships, student wellbeing and behaviour management. We are constantly working on designing, implementing and evaluating initiatives to improve the quality of student learning outcomes. We are keen to learn the stories of all in our community and value the richness of our diverse experiences, perspectives and interests. We are focused on Continuous Improvement in our learning and teaching that reflects contemporary learning needs.

School plays an important role in the faith lives of our families. The presence of God is celebrated as we develop our relationship with God and each other. A sense of wonder of the world and each other is fostered, as students are helped to see God as a loving and integral part of their lives. Our learning program is informed by the CEM Religious Education Curriculum. 


Schools by nature, are complex and diverse places. We believe in the Students - Teachers - Families – Parish community coming together in true partnership to work as an educational community. It is when all these components come together that we assist our students to grow in academic ability, responsibility and inner direction, capable of making wise choices and discovering their interests and abilities which will help shape their lives.


May God grant us grace and blessings as we venture with faith and commitment throughout the school year.


Rachel Holdsworth - Principal

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