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Learning Diversity

“...I  Am Because We Are…”

At Holy Spirit school we act on the belief that all our interactions provide opportunities to shape a culture of inclusiveness at Holy Spirit school.  At Holy Spirit School learning and teaching is driven by our catholic context and our belief that all students and teachers can succeed given the right conditions and support. We value the uniqueness of each person and understand that learning may not occur in the same way, at the same time and at the same pace for everyone. Our approach to learning is to engage our students in a way that meets their individual needs. 


We are committed to form partnerships with our families to ensure that students with additional needs are supported at Holy Spirit school.  This may look different for each family and may include:

  • Internal and/or external assessments 

  • Personalised Learning Plan outlining adjustments to the learning program 

  • Program  support meetings with parents/carers

  • Literacy intervention 

  • Social and emotional intervention 


If a student experiences learning difficulties they will be referred to the Learning Diversity Leader who will follow the school’s referral process and communicate with the child’s parents/carers directly to establish a plan to meet the child’s needs. 

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